Picture1Dr. J Wellington (Skip) Truitt has over 40 years experience in Maxillio Facial Orthopedics, Orthodontics, and TMD Therapy. He has assisted doctors world wide in the diagnosis and successful treatment of their patients. Why not allow him to assist you!

Dr. Truitt presents a “one on one” consultation service that only years of experience can provide. He will evaluate all of the patient’s records, and then provide the doctor the various options of treatment. Having an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is the key to fast, easy, and successful therapy. In addition the consultation will allow the doctor the security of a second opinion.

About the Consultation

The doctor should provide the following:

  • Study models-stone or digital
  • Cephometric x-ray — standard or digital
  • Intraoral & Extra oral photographs — standard or digital
  • Panoramic x-ray — standard or digital
  • Patient History
  • TMJ x-rays if indicated

The consultation includes:

  • Evaluation of the Bimler Elite Cephlometric Tracing
  •  Evaluation of the Schwarz-Korkhaus Elite Model (analysis) (models can be provided in a digital format)
  • Evaluation of all additional x-rays
  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • Step by step mechanics involved in the treatment
  • A Rx for any appliances required in the treatment with an explanation for their adjustment
  • Estimated time of treatment
  • Using SmileTRU for patients who do not want to wear fixed appliances

Fee: $250 US Dollars


  • Two Bimler Elite Cephalomatric tracing
  • Schwarz-Korkhaus Elite Model Analysis
  • Rx for any required appliances

Fee: $100 US Dollars

In treatment evaluation and consultation updated.