Course II

Straightwire Therapy

This is an all new seminar using the latest advances in Orthodontic technology.


    16 months treatment time


Combination of ALF Appliance &
        Delta Force Appliance


You will be taught:

  • The Delta Force Bracket (Appliance System will be explained in detail)
  • Thermal Activated Multi-gradient Arch Wires
  • Case Finishing
  • Retention
  • Hands on using the Typodont for Ligations and Arch Wire Changes
  • Non Extraction vs. extraction cases
  • Sliding Mechanics using: Elastics, Coil Spring, Power Tubing, Sliding Yoke, Class II Bow, Rick-A-Nator, Molar Distalising Springs, Arch Wire Locks, Chain Elastics, Rotating Wedge

State-of-the Art Technology



Ligation Technique

You can control the movement of each individual tooth with this 3-in-1 bracket system.

Arch Wire Technology

Forming Arch Wires

Ligating Arch Wire



Minimum Force

Allows you to start the case in .020 x .020 Thermal Multigradient Niti Arch Wires

Medium Force

Allows you to increase control for correcting rotations and additional torque

Maximum Force

Allows you to finalize tooth position and anchor

You will learn …

 Indirect Bonding
 Bracket & Matrix on Study Model
 Cl. II Mechanics
 Placing Brackets with Matrix on the Patient
 Sliding Yoke