Adult Patient FAQs

Will people be able to see my braces?

Most adult patients can be treated with appliances that are almost invisible. However this frequently requires additional appliances and a longer treatment time to properly correct the problem. The usual decision the adult must make is which is more important. Not seeing any appliance which requires more time and expense, or seeing the appliances with less treatment time and expenses.

Will I need jaw surgery to correct my problem?

Usually the treatment does not involve surgery to your jaws. The two exceptions are when the lower jaw the mandible, is either too large or too small to be balanced with the overall face.

Will braces interfere with my speech?

All appliances require one to two weeks for the tongue and facial muscles to adapt to them. After this period there is little if any effect on your speech.

Will my treatment cause much pain?

There is very little discomfort associated with most treatment. However there is always a period of a week or so to adapt to a new appliance.

What are the benefits from having my teeth straighter?

Aside from the aesthetics and the social confidence of having a beautiful smile, there can be many positive effects on your health. Among those are reduced gum disease, the ability to breathe better especially when you are sleeping and proper function of your tempormandibular joints.