Overview of Smile TRU Positioners

There are many different ways in which teeth can be moved/straightened, with wires and brackets, fixed or removable appliances etc. However, due to advances in 3D printing (additive manufacturing) equipment, laser scanners and computer aided design for digitally modelling teeth into their new position there is a new way to straighten your teeth INVISIBLY. This is perfect for someone that wants their teeth straightened but does not want anyone to know that they are in treatment. This aesthetically pleasing method of moving teeth also has the added advantage of being removable for eating drinking or a hot Friday night date. Have you always wanted that Hollywood smile but the thought of wires and brackets is too much to bear, then Smile TRU could be for you.

In cases where there is crowding of the teeth and there is not enough room for them all to be straightened, there are basically three different methods of creating space.

  1. Extractions, this is the most extreme method and is not really suitable for use with clear positioners.
  2. IPR – Interproximal Reduction which is essentially removing some enamel from some of the teeth to make them very slightly smaller.
  3. Expanding the width or length of the dental arch. Clear positioners are not great at achieving this but there are very discreet appliances that can be used in conjunction with clear positioners to achieve this. These appliances are generally not visible from the front of the mouth.